Filling Station, vol. III

Okay, we all survived the Apocalypse. That was the hard part. The question now is where to take civilization, now that we’ve gotten a new lease on life…

How about the return of FREE SPIN at Octane Westside tonight, December 28th? I can’t think of a better way to rein in the New Year.

If you’re similarly flummoxed as to where life might take you in the New Year, don’t fret. You’ll have plenty to keep you occupied in the coming months.

Let’s take this one step at a time, though.


This month has us at Octane just as giddy as we can be. January holds in store for us, and for the great lil town of Birmingham, Alabama, the unveiling of our 4th coffee shop! Octane Coffee is bringing its particular brand of service to the Homewood neighborhood of Birmingham, and we couldn’t be more excited to get in and grow with the community there. Just off a main thoroughfare through the neighborhood, we’re keeping things just under the radar.

Homewood will get all the glorious coffees that Atlanta has come to know and love, but we have something special in store for our newest shop… BREAKFAST! Whether you’re an eggs n’ bacon sort of fellow or more into some grains and some fruit, we’ll have some nice treats to get you through your mornings. Not to mention a staff of hunks roasting coffee in the same room, for you to ogle as you dress your Commuter Cup at the condiment bar.

This shop is going to be top-notch, folks. Expect the comforting aromas of freshly-roasted beans to rouse you from your slumber in the mornings. Look forward to delighting in the wonders of hand-crafted brews, savoring each decadent morsel of pastry, indulging yourself in ridiculously-creamy cappuccinos and imbibing of cocktails from the bar-

Wowzers. That got overly flowery. I mean, that really escalated quickly. Suffice it to say, we’re excited to be part of Homewood and Birmingham and the whole Southeast. We love you all.

Back home in Atlanta, we won’t be sitting on our haunches. We’ll have a couple new coffees rotate onto the menu as shipments come in, and our stock of merchandise and gear has never been more robust. Also, our roasters have been playing with some new techniques, so if your favorites start tasting even friggin’ better, now you know where to send your thank-you cards and/or meatloafs. Heck, with all the new coffee and gear coming in, we may have to have a class or two to make sure you guys are getting the most out of your beans on the homefront. Yes, that was foreshadowing.

Also, the notorious Octane Beer Dinner will be making it’s second appearance in January. Look out for more details on that as we finish up the menu.

Until then, ladies and gents, we’ll be seeing you around. Drop by, grab a capp and spend a little of the New Year with your favorite ATL coffee comrades!


Filling Station, vol. II

Hey All,

Lots has happened since last we spoke!

Our first Beer Dinner came and went in a whirl, but it was AWESOME. Thanks to all that attended and to our kitchen and bar for putting on such a great intro to our dinner series!

Also, three of our baristas just competed for Atlanta’s honor in the Southeast Regional Barista Competition this past weekend, and they really showed out. Thanks to John, Keelan and Dan for representing Octane with swagger and aplomb! Also, thanks to Dustin for the long hours of training and for the rest of our stellar staff for picking up the slack so that we could put on for our city! And lest we forget, thanks to all the Octane friends for their support year after year.

Between barista competition season and the upcoming holiday season, we may be all season-ed out! Oh, shucks, of course we aren’t! Like everyone else out there, we at Octane look forward to the joys of round-the-clock holiday tunes, frantic last-minute shopping and harried trips in- and out-of-town. We tend to thrive under those fight-or-flight moments, so we have a couple pointers for you to get you through it without a scratch.

The following is a simple 5-part guide on how to survive the upcoming holiday season, and hopefully make you the surprise hero if things get hairy.

1. Synchronize Your Schedule

There’s so much to keep up with when the holidays get into full swing. If you don’t put in a little footwork, you could find yourself in over your head in no time flat. Call up your friends and family and get on the same page. For that matter, call us up and make sure you know our holiday hours. There’s nothing worse than swinging by for a brew to get you through all that gift-wrapping to find us in the middle of our holiday party!

So, our holiday hours shall be…

Saturday, Dec 15 – 8am-5pm
Sunday, Dec 16 – 9am-10pm
Christmas Eve – 7am-3pm
Christmas Day – CLOSED!
New Years Eve – 8am-6pm
New Years Day – 9am-Midnight

2. Get All Your Gifts

There’s nothing worse than waking up Christmas morning and realizing you forgot your husband’s gift. I mean, if you’d popped over a day earlier and gotten him a bag of the new Guatemalan we have in stock, you’d be GOLDEN right now. Alas, it’s going into the grinder of your good friend across town. That’s a shame. So PLAN AHEAD!

We get fresh beans in twice a week, and we have a fine selection of brewing equipment from Hario, Chemex, Clever, Beehouse and Baratza. Drop by and pick up something special for those you love. If you can’t decide, we also have gift cards. Just sayin’.

3. Keep a Level Head

With all that family bound to be flying into the great city of Atlanta, it’s sure to be crazy out there. Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and take a breather. If things are getting too crazy out there, take a little YOU time. Get a mani-pedi. Indulge in another Frosty The Snowman cupcake. Slip a second flat-screen TV into the cart while she’s scoping out Bluetooth accessories… Do what you have to do.

And if things really get clutch, drop by one of our shops and we’ll make you feel at home for just long enough for you to get your bearings.

4. Be Prepared

These Georgia Winters can be brutal. They can also be prissy and over-dramatic. Seriously, it only takes three or four snowflakes to shut down the city for a week. In case things do get locked up, you want to have a little stock in the cabinet to get you through until you can come see us again. So stock up, friends! We have fresh beans in all three of our stores. Our new offerings from Finca El Tormenta in Nicaragua and Finca El Carmen from Guatemala are particularly exciting at the moment.

Also, if you come grab some beans, it will give our newest recruits Wil, Kevin, Joseph and Michael an opportunity to wax poetic to you for a moment. They both really love to share their passion coffee. Give them their Christmas wish!

5. Get a Little Space

After the holidays, sometimes it’s nice to just get away for a moment. Some people head to a cabin in the mountains, some head to Miami for a little sun… Perhaps you should do something a little different. Perhaps visit a nearby town that you’ve never been to. Perhaps hop onto I-20 and head west for a couple hours to Birmingham, grab a hotel for the evening and scope out one of the coolest little town this side of the Mississippi (albeit just barely).

While you’re there, check out the giant statue of Vulcan and take an ironic photo of his massive, exposed butt. And stop by the Jazz Hall of Fame. If you have a bit more time, you can check out where our newest store is opening, in Homewood. They’ll be putting in counter tops and gear soon, so stop by and get a glimpse of our future.

To top it all off, we recommend a burrito from the Little Donkey right next door and dessert at Steel City Pops on the other side. Trust us, it’ll be just what you need to get away from Atlanta for a day.

There you have it! If you follow those five steps, you’ll be well on your way towards a smooth holiday season, and it may just make you the surprise hit of the year with your friends and loved ones!

So, from ours to yours, Happy Holidays!


Holiday Hours 2012

Happy Thanksgiving All! Here’s our holiday hours for November and December at the Westside and Grant Park locations:

Thanksgiving Day: Closed
Friday, 11/23: Closed
Saturday, 12/15: 8am-5pm (Closing early for our company party!)
Sunday, 12/16: 9am-10pm
Christmas Eve, 12/24: 7am-6pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Year’s Eve, 12/31: 7am-6pm
New Year’s Day: 9am-midnight

Happy Happy Holidays!

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